March 5, 2009

Some youtube love..

I admit, I don't typically watch commercials. I, like most, have a dvr and record the shows I want to see later when I can use that handy dandy fast foward button! But as everyone knows, when I'm working on a project or making dinner I'm usually in a zone and don't break away to fast foward and inevitably listen to them. Some of them are cute and silly, and some of them are so not.

Anyhow...I am in love with this commercial, and it really does make me think...what IF delivery people ran the world?? It also makes me think boy, am I thankful delivery people didn't run my high school! Yes...I was a Callahan, I also was one of the "lucky" ones who'd mom would call in and excuse all of my absences for whatever reason, or no reason at all.

This next one is my favorite for sweet commercial.

While looking around youtube I came across this funny video of Dave Tango on Ghost Hunters.

Here comes Jersey!

This one is too funny!


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EatCrayons said...

I'm a commercial junkie, I proudly admit so. The 'delivery drivers run the world' one cracks me up. The 'sweet-pea AT&T' one has got to be the most over-played commercial of all day. I used to like it. :(

Tango's cursing upset some you remember that? HA! I however thought it was HILARIOUS!! Loved of the best GH moments, ever. :) I'm cracking up right now. "I'm glad your *bleeping* DEAD!" Dave's tiara...awwww, the good ol' days. I'm so eager for Wednesday evening...yay!!