February 26, 2009

Want to see some older cards?!

We all begin somewhere, and these cards are some of the first ones I made. I was too afraid of the giant piece of 12x12 page to start scrapbooking. I found that cards were much more manageable and less scary.

It's funny to go back and see how we have changed and expanded our work. It makes me think about the courage it takes to share our work with our friends, family, and online.

Early creations
Early creations

Early creations
Early creations

Early creations

Early creations

Early creations
Early creations
Early creations

Early creations

Thanks for taking a peek, and have a great weekend!

February 22, 2009

You know...he is kind of cute!

Have you seen the Cake Wrecks Blog? With posts like this, this, and did you see this?

It's a pretty funny blog, and I especially giggled at this post involving that cute orange hunger monster!

Speaking of the hunger monster, did you know there is a facebook group in honor of him? Funny!

February 9, 2009

Right now...

My desk is a big ol mess!

Messy Desk!

My desk is so messy with projects to do, projects almost done, and ones to be started.
It bugs me, but I love that it means I'm creating and planning to create more!

How is your desk looking?!

Seize the day...and explore your world!

I don't know where all these 12x12 layouts are coming from?! I have always been an 81/2x11 single page (or smaller) kind of girl. However, when I went to Michaels a few weeks ago they were out of my smaller preference so I got the 12x12 with the understanding I would cut it down. Half a dozen pages later...I'm kind of liking the 12x12 format. Let's see how long that lasts! ; )

This double page layout is about a familiar path we walk a few times a day when we are at Pfeiffer Park. I used self adhesive cork for the Elsie inspired treasure map. This cork is freaking fantabulous! I picked up mine at my local Target.

The patterned paper and the other embellishments are from the friendly forest line by colorbok.

Big Sur LO Path to the cabin

Detail on left page:

Big Sur LO Path to the cabin

The flower on the upper right reads Cherished memories. Along the cork I wrote Seize the day... (in sharpie marker)

Detail on right page:

Big Sur LO Path to the cabin

The bottom right I wrote ...and explore your world!

Journaling reads:

The path to the Homestead Cabin (among other places) is familiar and popular during the daylight. After dark however, it turns into a spooky adventure!

Thanks for taking a peek!

February 5, 2009

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out!

Oh my! I love playing with pictures!

Check these fun pics out!

be funky

How fun is this?! We've been turned into a cartoon!

be funky

Carrie's cupcakes gone wild!

be funky

I found this website called Be Funky through Emily Falconbridge's blog!
(Emily's teaching a class in Italy that I would love to go to!)

You upload your pics free (no registration required!) and just play with all the fun applications.

Enjoy, and have fun!

February 2, 2009

Can you stand another Big Sur Layout?!

Good! I have even more in my noggin that I will be creating soon!

Since getting the Friendly Forest line by colorbok last week, I have been dreaming of Big Sur daily. Ahhh...definitely a happy place.

Big Sur LO Relax


Big Sur LO Relax detail

Journaling reads:

Relax...you're at Big Sur!
The freezing Big Sur River
Pfeiffer State Park
Big Sur, California

Thanks for taking a peek!