March 31, 2009

Be ok..

I just want to be ok.

From this commercial

I happened upon this commercial and fell in love with this little song and I can't get it out of my head!! I imagine it's much like that fish sandwich commercial y'all on the east coast are seeing. You know this one: long until we see infomercials were you too can own your very own talking filet o fish wall hanging?

I haven't been too crafty lately, but have a few ideas brewing..let's see how it goes!

March 23, 2009

Silly ipod...

Silly ipod

Yesterday? Really?

PS..blogger decided to crop my photo..grrr..

March 16, 2009


I was a lucky girl on Saturday! One of my dearest friends Alma came over! We drank Guinness, ate Shepherd's Pie, of course we crafted! Alma was also kind enough to take a ton of photos of this layout! Thank you so much Alma! Your eye for capturing the moment leaves me awestruck!

These photos are from a few years ago. We gathered up our friends and some snacks and headed to the Concannon Winery and had a really great afternoon!

*Perfect* LO

Journaling reads:
We had a fantastic picnic one Autumn afternoon at the Concannon Winery in Livermore, CA. It was the perfect mixture of friends, wine, food and laughter!
Late October 2006

Photos in the layout were taken by Alma, Rob, and myself

March 8, 2009

Beautiful & Sweet....

and that's the truth!
This is my cousin! Isn't she beautiful?! Camera's *love* her, and so do I.

Beautiful and sweet....

I hope to see you soon Dollface!

Products used:

Michaels brand 9 X 12 Canvas board
Faux wood shelf liner by duck
Adhesive backed cork shelf liner by contact brand
Glitter letters and patterned paper by K & Co. (Brenda Walton)
Photo taken by Dollface herself on her birthday last year and posted to myspace.

March 5, 2009

Some youtube love..

I admit, I don't typically watch commercials. I, like most, have a dvr and record the shows I want to see later when I can use that handy dandy fast foward button! But as everyone knows, when I'm working on a project or making dinner I'm usually in a zone and don't break away to fast foward and inevitably listen to them. Some of them are cute and silly, and some of them are so not.

Anyhow...I am in love with this commercial, and it really does make me think...what IF delivery people ran the world?? It also makes me think boy, am I thankful delivery people didn't run my high school! Yes...I was a Callahan, I also was one of the "lucky" ones who'd mom would call in and excuse all of my absences for whatever reason, or no reason at all.

This next one is my favorite for sweet commercial.

While looking around youtube I came across this funny video of Dave Tango on Ghost Hunters.

Here comes Jersey!

This one is too funny!