January 2, 2009

Photo of the day, January 2, 2009

Today was a quiet day spent at home. I got caught up with some laundry, some housekeeping and even scrapped a 2 page layout, which I will share soon.

Which brings me to my photo of the day......

Gain Family!

I LOVE the smell of clothes that have been freshly washed and dried with Gain. It's such a fresh, clean and lovely smell. I've used it for quite a few years, and hope they never stop making it!

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EatCrayons said...

Mmmmmmmmm, I wish that picture was scratch and sniff. ;) I LOVE Gain too, on an unhealthy level..really. I use Gain detergent, and fabric softener. I love Gain so much, I scrapped it. Ha. I hope they never stop making it either.